Horizontal Lager tank

Horizontal Lager tank (HLT) is designed for fully fermentation and beer storing inside the Lager premises (cellars). For the most rational use of space, as a rule, tanks are installed in pairs one above the other on a special frame.

Horizontal Lager tank is made of AISI-304 food grade stainless steel. Represents a cylindrical shell and two torospherical or conical bottoms from the ends. Since the tank is installed in rooms with a controlled atmospheric temperature, cooling jackets and external decorative lining are not mounted on the tank.

Horizontal tank is equipped with:

  1. inspection face hatch ;
  2. shut-off valves;
  3. double-acting safety valve;
  4. tongue-apparatus;
  5. sampling crane;
  6. rotary washing head connected with the CIP-wash.
  1. Only high-quality European fittings are used.
  2. A high level of working surface processing contributes to the ease of flushing.
  3. Each tank is designed in accordance with the individual wishes of customers.