Classic tank

Classic tank (CT)is designed for primary and fully fermentation (fermentation, maturation), decantation, carbonization and beer storing.

The classic tank is made of food grade stainless steel AISI-304. It is a cylindrical shell, a conical bottom and a torispherical or conical lid. The tank is equipped with a spiral cooling jacket, thermally insulated with rigid polyurethane foam and hermetically closed with an outer shell made of food grade stainless steel AISI-304.

Classic tank is equipped with:

  1. inspection hatch in cylinder or in the lid;
  2. shut-off valves;
  3. double-acting safety valve;
  4. tongue-apparatus;
  5. sampling crane;
  6. rotary washing head connected with the CIP-wash;
  7. hop sensor (optional);
  8. viewing diopter on the dome (optional).
  1. full volume: 300… 12000L;
  2. inner case thickness: 2… 4mm;
  3. cooling jacket thickness: 1.5 mm;
  4. outer shell thickness: 1.5 mm;
  5. vessel operating pressure : up to 2 bar;
  6. cooling jacket operating pressure: up to 3 bar;
  7. insulation layer thickness: 50… 100mm
  1. Only high-quality European fittings are used.
  2. A high level of working surface processing contributes to the ease of flushing.
  3. The screw cooling jacket is distinguished by its strength and allows the product to be cooled most evenly in the tank.
  4. The RPF used for insulation has low thermal conductivity and is non-hygroscopic.
  5. The complete welding of the outer seams of the skin eliminates undesirable microorganisms reproduction inside the outer cavities of the tank
  6. Each tank is designed in accordance with the individual wishes of customers.